The English skills of students at public junior and senior high schools across Japan failed to reach proficiency levels targeted by the government, the education ministry said in a fiscal 2017 survey on Friday.

The proportion of third-grade junior high school students with English skills equivalent to Grade 3 or higher in the country’s popular Eiken English proficiency test rose 4.6 percentage points from the previous year to 40.7 pct, falling short of the 50 pct figure targeted by the government, the ministry said.

The share of high school third-graders with skills equivalent to Grade Pre-2 or higher in the Eiken test rose 2.9 points to 39.3 pct, missing the 50 pct target.

In a separate test designed to measure the four English skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing, the proportion of students who reached targeted proficiency levels stood at between 28.8 pct and 46.8 pct for third-grade junior high school students and between 12.9 pct and 33.6 pct for high school third-graders.

Source: Jiji Press

国の英語力目標 中高の生徒・教師ともに達成できず

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