LAKE MARY, Florida, 26 March 2018 — IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global/IMS), the world-leading non-profit collaborative advancing edtech interoperability, innovation, and learning impact announced today that 10 educational technology product suppliers have committed to implementing and achieving IMS certification for LTI Advantage by fall 2018.

LTI Advantage is the core of an innovative ecosystem of learning platforms and tools that will enable flexible next-generation digital learning environments making it the preferred edtech integration technology. Implementing LTI Advantage ensures better privacy and security around the flow of user and assessment data. Institutional leaders and educators looking to facilitate deeper and more reliable integrations of their learning tools and content, streamline repetitive course administrative tasks and present students and faculty with a clearer picture of learning progress will benefit from the rapid adoption of LTI Advantage.

Additionally, Blackboard, D2L, and Instructure have identified strategic edtech tool partners that they are committed to coaching and guiding through the implementation and certification process for LTI Advantage, helping to ensure it will achieve a critical mass of certified products in record time. These early adopters will demonstrate how their tools are leveraging LTI Advantage to provide a better user experience for learners and educators at the LTI Advantage Showcase during the IMS Quarterly Meeting, 12-15 November 2018.

Strong support and demand for LTI Advantage certification by institutional leaders—led by IMS Global’s 115 higher education member institutions—is driving upward momentum to ensure institutions and educators have the greatest flexibility and choice across all learning environments.

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